Schedule A Final Meter Reading

TERMINATING WATER AND ELECTRIC SERVICE:  Please fill out the Request to Discontinue Service form.  If you are moving out of your residence and need to schedule a final water meter reading as well, you may do so my calling our office at (920) 674.7711 or by doing so online.  Please follow these directions:

Select "Final Reads" to schedule an appointment

Select the date and time you would like an appointment

Complete name, service address, phone and email address

Include the appointment time and service address in the "Comments" field

Include the customer's last name to the "Additional Comments" field

Select "Book My Appointment"

If you have water service, someone over the age of 18 years must be present to let us in the residence.  Service will not be removed from your name until we are able to get this final reading.

TERMINATE ELECTRIC ONLY SERVICEPlease fill out the Request to Discontinue Service. 

If you have an electric service only, you do not need to be present for the final read.

Please contact our office at (920) 674.7711 for any questions or concerns.