Lead Service Lateral Replacement Program

Jefferson Utilities has implemented a lead service replacement program to assist homeowners in replacing their lead service lateral.  The portion of the water lateral that runs from the curb stop to the water meter is the homeowner's responsibility.  To assist homeonwers with the cost of replacing their lateral, Jefferson Utilities applied for a grant from the Wisconsin DNR (via the EPA).  Jefferson Utilities was successful and was awarded $300,000 for the program!  

Lead Service Lateral Photo

The Jefferson Common Council, based on a recommendation by the Utilities Commission, passed an ordinance (amendedment to ordinance) that provides full funding for each homeowner that is interested in the program, while funds last.  Due to the limited amount of funding available, a priority has been set  first for houses where a water main replacement is taking place, second for houses who have a partial replacement (the utility has already replaced our side) and finally to anyone else who is interested in the program.

If you are interested in the program, please review the lead service packet materials and return to our office.  If you need assistance determining if your water service is lead, please call our office to set up an appointment for one of our Water Operators to come to your house.

Lead in Drinking Water Brochure

WI DNR Lead in Drinking Water

EPA Lead in Drinking Water

Please contact our office at 920.674.7705 for more details!