Energy Saving Ideas

Homeowner caulking patio doorReducing your electric and water usage is the easiest way to save money on your utility bill. Our easy low-cost and no-cost tips will show you how to lower your energy use while staying comfortable. Select from our energy saving tip sheets below:

Energy Saving Tips

Saving energy right in your own home is easy. These practical solutions are things you can start doing today and add up to big savings. Download PDF

Energy Savings: In the Kitchen & Cooking Tips

When thinking of energy efficiency in the kitchen most people first think of appliances. But while that’s a great place to start, energy savings can also come from how you use your kitchen. These tips can save you time and money. Download PDF

Energy Savings: Home Cooling Tips

There are many ways to keep your energy costs under control during the hottest months of the year. Maintaining your air conditioner and keeping the sun’s heat out of your house are the two most important ways to save. Download PDF

Energy Savings: Home Heating Tips

There are a variety of ways to reduce energy usage to help save on home heating costs. The methods used to save money on home heating costs will vary for each homeowner depending on age and size of home, number of occupants, schedules and habits. Download PDF

Energy Savings: Laundry Tips

There are two ways to reduce the amount of energy used for washing clothes—use less water and use cooler water. Download PDF

Energy Savings: Lighting Tips

An average household dedicates about 5 percent of its energy use to lighting. Switching to energy-efficient lighting is one of the fastest ways to cut your energy bills. Download PDF

Energy Savings: Water Heating Tips

Water heating is usually the second largest energy expense in your home, after heating and cooling, accounting for about 18 percent of your utility bill. The main was to cut your water heating use is simple: use less hot water. Download PDF

Water Saving Tips

When it comes to conserving water, small adjustments can make a big impact.  The American Water Works Association recommends the following steps to help conserve water. Download PDF