Electric Department

Lineman On Pole

Jefferson Utilities maintains an electric distribution system that services over 4,000 customers in the City of Jefferson and some residents of the Townships of Jefferson and Aztalan. The purpose of this distribution system is to "step down" the 69,000 volt power that is delivered to our substations via cross-state transmission lines from our power supplier, providing electricity to your home or business at the appropriate safe voltage.

Our electric utility staff is responsible for maintaining our substation, as well as, all of the distribution lines, poles, transformers and services within our territory.

Meter Reading & Billing

Jefferson Utilities crew members manually read each electric meter in our service territory each month.  We are able to do so by splitting up our customers into three major billing cycles.  Depending on the location of your home within the city, your bill may be due on the 10th, the 20th or the 30th of the month.  Our crews work hard to get all bills read in a timely manner so that your bills are only for a 30-day period.  Sometimes, due to holidays and other scheduling conflicts your bill may be a little shorter or a little longer than the 30-day target. 

It is important to remember that utility crews need to have unobstructed access to both your electric meter at all times.  This means that all gates should be unlocked during your normal read times, all bushes should be trimmed and any debris should be removed from the path of the meter.

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